IF you give a writer two hours to write

If you give a writer 2 hours to write, she’s first going to want a muffin with her coffee so she isn’t hungry.

While looking at her muffin, she starts thinking about her daughter’s love for blueberry muffins and that reminds her that tomorrow she has to go pick her daughter up from college and needs to bring some items from the storage room.

She goes downstairs quickly to get the extra vacuum and cooler out of storage.

When she gets to the storage space, she finds her beloved bike, Goose. Goose has been stuck inside without sunshine for three months. She thinks about how she should write a piece about how amazing bicycling is.

So the writer takes the extra vacuum, the cooler, and the bike out of storage.

When she sets them down, she remembers that she and her friend, Pam, are going to bike together in a couple of weeks when Pam visits so she had better strip the guest bed and start cleaning the sheets.  

When she takes the sheets off, she finds an old accident by the dog and as she cleans the mess, she thinks about how she can use this surprise mess as a metaphor in a story.

When she cleans the mess, she remembers she needs to walk her dog…for only 20 minutes,  she swears.  Physical activity is good for the brain and helps with focus.

When she gets ready to walk her dog, she remembers she just got new running shoes the color of the sky and she hasn’t worn them yet.  

When she unpacks her new shoes, she thinks of the article she wanted to write about how God uses rain as a blessing but first…

She has to walk the dog.

When she walks the dog, she meets all her BWFs  (best walking friends) and gets carried away chatting because it’s a beautiful day like her shoes…no one notices her shoes or says “they make you look faster.”

Which reminds her she wants to write an article about how shameful it is that no one tells adults their new running shoes make them look faster. 

When she gets home from the walk, she sees two dandelions blooming which makes her smile. The yellow makes her smile and think of the sun. Then she remembers how she spent an hour yesterday digging dandelions out of her yard begrudgingly because the HOA would say something, reminding her that she wants to write a post about how amazing dandelions are and how boring grass is. Dandelions are the sign of a revolution.

When she gets the trowel to dig out the dandelions, she finds more little weeds and promises she will only pick 5. 

After she picks ten, she throws them away in the garage. 

Then she sees the freezer and remembers her supper plans. The writer grabs the frozen chicken breasts from the freezer and decides that before she sits down, she had better make the marinade and defrost the chicken breasts. She throws the chicken in the microwave.

Maybe an article about Mediterranian chicken and its health benefits?

Since she still has her new sky-colored, faster shoes on, she goes to the backyard to clean up any other dog-do before she goes inside.

Once inside she waits for the chicken to defrost, she makes the marinade and realizes she’s out of Italian seasoning…so she writes it on the list.

Once it’s on the list, she starts to remember a lot of other foods that they need because her daughter is coming home for the summer.  

But first, she wants to write an article about God’s merciful gift of rain. 

However, before that, she’s going to want a cup of coffee with that muffin.

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